Konmari: When Laundry Gives You Anxiety

Konmari: When Laundry Gives You Anxiety

Do you feel overtaken by clutter? I’m naturally lazy laid back. But with five kids, working from home, and having fibromyalgia, my energy and vibe are in serious need of zen. But I’m on a mission to total freedom and this messy house is like a ten-ton ball chained to my ankle keeping me from achieving true freedom from clutter.  After hearing so much about Konmari and the book “the life-changing magic of tidying up”, I decided to invest in it. Are you tired of having a messy home? Do you feel like your laundry gives you anxiety? If so, these three tips are for you!

Konmari: Laundry Gives You Anxiety

Does Your Laundry Give You Anxiety?

Can you envision your washer machine right now? What do you see? Are there bags of neglected laundry surrounding it? Perhaps there’s just an array of boxers, socks, costumes from five months ago, towels and whatever that thing is just lying on the floor; flattened from the pressure of your feet as you walk over it to wash your “essentials”. Sound familiar?

If you’re a natural messy and laundry is the bane of your existence, this is probably you. But what I just described has been me. For years I have had piles of laundry spewed all over the basement floor of my house. Anxiety has overwhelmed me with the thought of what critter I may encounter as I “dug through” the mountain of dirty laundry.

Many times I would just go in and with black construction bags, separate clothing and try again. Laundry was an energy drainer. There was no success, I would find piles around the floor within a matter of days.

If you’ve ever heard of Konmari, you’ll realize that she tells you to keep only what “sparks joy” or is essential for day to day tasks. Her first assignment is clothing. Here are three takeaways from Konmari’s system on laundry that will help your anxiety associated with clothing.

What should you do when your laundry gives you anxiety?

  1. Purge through your clothing. Konmari tells us to take all of the laundry within your house and place it on the floor together. Go ahead, take them from the closet, dressers, van, under your couch and on top of your dryer. Breathe deeply, maybe burn some sage to help your energy stay positive and focused. Do not think long or hard, take each article of clothing, one at a time and ask yourself “does this spark joy”? If the answer is no, thank it and discard it. (Donate, or sell your clothing if it’s in good condition.) Side note: BE RUTHLESS. Less is more. Less laundry is more time to focus on your goals, less laundry equals less decisions on what to wear, less laundry equals less laundry to wash, fold and put away.
  2. Make doing laundry a peaceful event. Once you have successfully purged through every article of clothing, make a habit of doing your laundry. When I now do laundry I no longer bring it to my room to fold. I make sure my dining room table is cleared and cleaned, I now fold my clothing the Konmari way, with love. Turn off the laptop or TV. The laundry you fold from now on should be clothing that sparks joy. You should feel as if you just went shopping each time you fold laundry. Appreciate what you have and be grateful for the clothing that covers the body of your family. Have a hand cream nearby to make your hands feel super smooth, as if you have gloves on. I’m currently loving this hand cream from Cocoa Butter brand.
  3. Put it away, right away, where it belongs. There’s no sadder sight than that of clean clothing, thrown into a basket placed in a corner of a room to be forgotten. I raise my hand in shame, this was me for all too long. I am a self-proclaimed messy, but if I could change, so can you. Washing clothing is half the battle. After you wash your clothing, be sure to fold it as soon as you can, and separate it. Once you put your folded clothing, separated into small piles back into your laundry basket, walk to designated areas with a basket, being sure to put everything into its place.

When Laundry Gives You Anxiety, It’s Time To Keep Only What Sparks Joy

If you feel overwhelmed by laundry, this post is for you. Ever throw a load of laundry in after midnight because you realize you ran out of clean socks or underwear? I have, it’s not fun. But when you have less clothing to deal with, there is less laundry to do. Less laundry equals less stress. When you’re laundry causes you anxiety, it’s time to change some things.

I hope this post has given you some ideas and a glimpse into Konmari’s “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. Stay tuned as I update you with posts as I go through this journey as well. If you’ve been Konmaring, leave a comment below on any tips for purging.

Konmari: Laundry Gives You Anxiety